Over the last few years, I've opened up my services to a select few who are interested in seeing a work of theirs come to life. 

From 2017-2020, I've ghostwritten and successfully helped publish over a dozen novels and short stories.  Many have gone on to win awards and sell thousands of copies. It's an honor to collaborate closely, bringing new worlds to life.  Each project is a personal one-on-one experience, and I work closely with each and every client to make their ideas come true.

However, this is a very limited opportunity.  You'll notice I don't promote it as I've usually a fully-packed schedule, much of which is occupied with writing my own novels. However, if you have a truly exciting project and flexible timeline, I'd love to hear it. All genres are accepted, but fantasy is preferred, as you'd imagine.

Services include:

  • Writing
  • Multiple rounds of edits
  • A team of professional proof-readers 
  • Networking / consultation 

2021 Availability:

January - CLOSED
February - BOOKED
March - BOOKED
April - BOOKED
May - Available
June - Available 
August - Available
September - Available
October - BOOKED
November - Available
December - BOOKED

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