You Choose--I Write!

So I debated what to post today and I came to a realization. I have a lot of ideas to share, but I figured I wanted to make this blog less about me (I know, my name is in the title, but still) and more about you. After all, so many of the characters, scenes, and tales and twists of Farhaven has been inspired by my fans. I read every review, post, blog, message and it has shaped the Saga. With that in mind, what do you want to see? Here are some things I can write about that I...

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The Ronin Saga - Book Tour 2019

I'm back! Join me on my journey as I travel around the US and sign copies of the Saga, ramble about fantasy, snap pics, and discover just how comfy living out of a suitcase is. *P.S. You are in this post! Hey all! Well, 2019 is here and that means a new year of meeting loyal and awesome fans and new ones too! This year, a few new things are in the works including: new short stories to get, much more cool swag, bigger raffles, more dance moves behind the booth and jokes about my boy-band back cover photo, and...

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